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Short but sweet! Completed in full and i'll be waiting for your next projects! 

Hello there. i played your game and it was not bad. It was pretty short but it was okay

So here is my gameplay of your game and enjoy :)

It's the first game of the video

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I liked it, though the game is quite short. I like good, bite-sized games. The only thing I’d recommend is that more meat to the story be added. Games don’t have to be long, but there needs to be enough to have impact. I enjoyed what was here though. KEep up the good work!


My reaction: Wow! Looks like this is going to be a nice cute game!
The reality: uuuughhhhh.... Is this a horror game?! AHHH!

Fun game imo, let me know what you guys think of my play through.

I liked it. Short and sweet. Controls worked well. 

This game so far is good! 

Nice horror game mhann i really liked it 

i made a video of the game, i love it

This was pretty cool. It played well and had a great ending. Quite short but gets on with it without any messing about. Lets see if your next game tops this. Good job... :)

Great gaMe! It was short, sweet, and straight to the point. Hope You got an A in your class. we will be looking forward to play more games from you. Keep up the good work :D

Hey :) thank you for playing, i'm currently working on another 'Horror' game at the moment, that should be done pretty soon so keep updated.

Oh that's awesome,  we can't wait to try it out!!

I just wanna thank everyone for playing and commenting, all of your feedback and support is such a motivation to keep making games. :) 

nice short game. It was a good project!

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Hello, so I played the game. A little confusing that only certain shelves can be open, but it's fine. Really liked it. Keep up the good work.I think it needs more backstory, and like differentiate pickable objects from the other. More sound effects would really do a great job. I don't know if it's a bug but at the end when you live the room my character went through the wall and I didn't see what was the light there. 

lol i got reallll confused at first. but it was a very nicely polished little game. ending was top notch lol

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You are reviewing this game as if it costs money... if you know anything at all about game dev, you start small and upload prototypes and ideas for people to try out to get them interested and you feed off of their vibes from what you created to potentially create something better sooner than later. the people downloading and playing this game is all the motivation a game dev needs to continue working on something. this is very disrespectful critisism. This is a website for any and all game devs to post whatever they want. just because it didnt live up to your expectations doesn't mean this kid deservers the disrespect. constructive criticism is best. not demeaning something someone worked hard on for school of all things. please take your toxicity somewhere else. we dont want you here on itchio if that is how you are going to be.


You know what, you're right. I shouldn't have been so harsh. I've replaced the comment with [REMOVED].
My bad.


I’m actually interested in knowing what you didn’t like about the game. Though the comment was harsh it didn’t really give me things to improve on just like someone saying they like the game doesn’t give me an idea of what they exactly liked about it. I need feedback and constructive criticism to improve my work. Like if you hate the game that means you have a list of what you hate which means that’s a list of things I can improve on. the games on my itch are some of not only first games I’ve uploaded but first I’ve ever made in general. I’m in a place where every piece of feedback ‘that I take on board’ helps me so much. At this point I think I’m ranting ??? But the moral of the story is the more feedback I get the better The games I make will be. This hasn’t made me less proud of my game. It’s actually given me an insight to how I’m going to respond to criticism in the future. And also thank you TulipGames for standing up for us students.

A fun, short little scare that I enjoyed running through! I was hoping for a bit more of a finish, but all in all it was nicely done~! 

Granma and Grandad have issues...

Oh too much fun with this. Join me as I am bored and then scared into my pants!

Hello! I recently played your game and really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was slightly misleading though trying to figure out the puzzle at the end. I used this game in a recent "3 Scary Games" video so let me know how i did!

idk what this game is about, text makes it hard to read. so ima make a video o n this blind, i mean i usaly do anyway, but thats besides the point!

the video should be up Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. :)

This was sooooooooooo scary! and I loved it

Enjoyed this short game! Can see some potential for sure! It is the 2nd game in this 2 random games video. Keep up the good work! 

I really like the way the game is optimized and it took me 5 min to complete the game , i really want a full version of this game . the one thing i didn't liked the character walked fast , i can't get that  horror feeling because my character didn't walked slow like most of the horror games .

Overall it's a good prototype 

( Sorry for my bad english i'm not good at grammar )

creapy game

Deleted post

Hey :) thank you for the feedback. The game was made over like 5 weeks but that was while balancing other subjects at uni too, so i never got to finish the game how i would have wanted it. It seems that people sorta like it but want to see more, i never expected that. I was just going through and uploading all my old games, now i realise that with a few more weeks of work this could have actually been something pretty cool. Also yes all the assets are custom made because thats what i was being graded on. and when i made the game i was in a really naive place when it came to game design. all i wanted was things to be pretty and the narrative and experience came second and thats like the opposite of what horror should be. any way enough rambling :) thank you again for taking the time to play and give much useful feedback.

Cool game, ı lıke the art.

Here... The question is. Which one of you 2 are gonna leave the dislike first...

Cool game. Pretty short but it looked nice.

Show post...

my laptop is lagging in it );

I’ll see if I can go through and optimise the game :) it shouldn’t be too hard.

I cant wait to play it!!

I got no complaints out of it but a lot can be improved! I would love to play the future games!

Wish there was a little more to this game but thanks for the fun :D!! 

Neat game, shorter than I expected but it was fun. Good job! 


It is so strange seeing people play my games. Thank you so much for taking your time to play and make a video its amazing to see as a beginner game dev.

Haha, I hear you. I'm also an indie dev, it's pretty surreal to see people playing the games you made yourself. 

You've gained a fan in me - I can't wait to see what you make in the future!

I played your game and had fun. (Skip to 13:18)

quality prototype! Good fps and solid mechanics. just need to add some better sounds to the interactables (some of them have no sounds) and no footstep sounds either. other than that a great prototype and has potential to be more if you stick with it!

Good game dev it was good but short had fun playing it :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Nice One Dev, graphics are cool i like the idea of this game but its really short,movement is fast and mouse sensitivity is also high.  4/5 :)

Hey :) thank you so much for playing. Also thank you for the feedback, only having 5 ish weeks to complete the game made having other people play test it a little difficult. So it’s always great to know what to do better next time :)

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