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honestly a great game. was uncomfortable and on edge the entire time, and had a funny ending.

Extremely wholesome. Loved it. 100/10

Nice game


This was very unexpected and sweet!
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I really liked the game but (Spoilers ahead) I didn't understand why there was a crazy person banging doors, and why i had to clean gum (While nobody helped) on my birthday. Other than that it was really fun, and pretty creepy.  

i wont ask about the gums on the toilet floor..

enjoyed the end :)

Played this game and two other games for a three random horror games video. It is an interesting concept to say the least.

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A little creepy in the beginning, but a good game for april the First! 

Creepy game from the start until you get all the way down to the basement.

The first thing i did was fall to the abyss. 

10/10 i felt like i am trapped by a capitalistic economic system 


Really nice game! simple and effective I would say! I've made this playtrhough as well <3

I liked it, the artstyle, shaders and shadows, models were nice, simple and cute. Its short and has a fun twist to it. to the design, i love how you added black vertical bars to make it look better. You play as a janitor who is getting scared after work and you explore thinking there are ghosts. Even with the twist, i think you could use a lot more scary suspense sounds or funny and scary jumpscares. for example, a door opening while you are walking with a scary sound, and after it got opened you realize the wind from air conditioner opened it, or you get a suspense sounds while walking in a corridor and the vent falls down. that would be cool.

So at the end of the game, you get inside a door and (spoilers flipped upside down) ¡⅄∀pH┴ɹIq ɹ∩O⅄ ɹOℲ ∩O⅄ pƎɹ∀ƆS ⅄ƎH┴ ┴∀H┴ ∩O⅄ פNISIɹԀɹ∩S SɹƎʞɹOMOƆ ɹ∩O⅄ pNIℲ ∩O⅄, they give you a cake and the game ends. Really cute ending. 

What i really didnt like is glitches, this game is really easy to bug and glitch out in a lot of places so you have to restart it. You can even skip half of the game with these, hah. With all of this, short fun game that would be better a bit longer and with fixed bugs, sound production is good. 7/10.

(Your game begins at 11:13)
That as actually really, really well played. It's a totally classic, well done little buildup until a completely unexpected payoff. Definitely caught me off guard. Great work.

Not what I expected, that's for sure! Also please don't leave your gum in vents.

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(Gameplay footage below with commentary but first, a review :D)

I did not expect that ending at all haha. The moment I was thrown into the game and I looked at the monitor, I was thinking "Oh hell nah."

Loved the atmosphere of the game, how it didn't rely on jumpscares and how most of it was auditory scares.

It was fun to play and had me looking behind me a lot, thinking someone or something was chasing me.

please make more games like this one :D

without further ado, here is my video :)

Hey there, thanks for that :) and my games wont ever rely on jumpscares and thats a promise :)

*gasps* A game dev who actually doesn’t want to rely on jumpscares?! I think I’m in another universe XD

But really though, that’s great that you won’t ever rely on jumpscares. I mean sure they get me but sometimes to actually all the time, it’s done in such a way as like, just a cheap way to get scares, you know?

Can’t wait for similar games in the future! :D


Your game spooked my wife and she managed to fall out of bounds in the first minute lmao. thanks for the game!

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liked what you made here, the quadruplets got me. Was short and felt smooth. it's the second game.


Hi, I would like to ask you, did you try to export the game in Unity WebGL ?

I had an incredible time playing this game, and I even found a couple of ways to get into parts of the map I shouldn't have been in....


Hey everyone, I’ve just started on a new game. make sure you follow my Twitter so you can stay up to date.


Smooth controls and Smooth movements unlike some of the unity games that I have played ( but it is short and simple so that may be why) I was never really uneasy during the game, but it did have some decent sounds. OVerall I really loved how smooth everything was. Wasn't expecting that ending lol.

I love a game with a twist!! 😀

Tried it out, great little experience

(Spanish lets play :D) that ending waas unexpected lol 

Loved that game. Please add mouse sensitivity bar when player start, otherwise too hard to play in macosx.

I played Janitors day as part of my 3 Halloween games in 1 video series.

I really liked it! it was fun, goofy and a lil scary too! Good job!

Janitors day is the 2nd game in the video! :)

For a short game the atmosphere was great and was surprisingly tense at times. It could have been done with being a bit darker at times as I didn't actually need the flashlight. Also, that ending though...

This was a great game!

Had a lot of fun with this game!


Played 3 horror games which included this one. feel free to check it out 

little nice spoopy game....very nice :)

This was fun. 

Cool short game you got here buddy, not really scary but it had some freaky moments :D

All i need to say... What the **** :'D That last part scared the shit out of me.

Made a video

it was more fun watching beasty play lol
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