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great game!
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Great game, the ending caught me off guard lol! 

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This game was great, A little surprised but well executed! Suspense in all the right places.

had an absolute blast! Did not expect that ending

UNexpected ending ahahaha 

The game was so funny and suspenseful.

I absolutely Loved the game!


I loved this Game. I was not expecting the ending.
The game generates a lot of suspense. Super unexpected ending. I liked


nobody shows up to my birthdays :(


I loved the ending to this. 

This game was pretty good. The ending definitely caught me by surprise. A nice twist. The sounds and look of the game were clean. Good job. 


Creepy atmosphere, smooth gameplay, good graphics and unexpected ending. great game!

lol that was a great twist at the end 10 OUTTA 10

This was so much fun! Really quirky and enjoyable, and I loved the twist! 

Fun horror game, you managed to make something really creepy, knowing I wasn't alone just set me on edge. Good job, looking forward to your future projects.

Dear Dev 

I'd like to say you're a butthole for that ending lol

in all seriousness keep up the great work, definitely see a lot of potential with your vision in the horror space. look forward to more from you and although i'm just a smol youtuber i'll do what i can to spread the word about your work. 

much love 


I didn't expect that ending.


The spooky ambience actually was really good. And then that ending... a lovely little experience. Thanks for sharing it with us!


I didn't see that end coming!  I liked it~  Had me on edge for so much of it.


A delightful surprise

Fun short game! The ending really had me.

Short and sweet! These little games are what keeps the horror genre alive! Keep it up, sir!

this game was okay it could do some work to it I also glitched through objects

fun plot twist !


a funny little game with a surprising twist 

watch my video here 

I really liked this game!  this was well made.

cool ending too! Game here: 

subscribe please!
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Comments below clip;

I've worked many odd jobs, but never as a janitor. So, this game took me to a place and work environment, I've never been in before, throughout my entire life. Did I see the end coming?

Of course not.

That's why this is such a lovely game.

Go ahead and play it, and, when possible, show the DEV some $$$ <3

A genuinely unnerving gaming with a really great ending. I really wasn't expecting it! I would defInitely recommend this game!

This game has a twist ending. i like it.

I saw that we share the same last name so I just had to check this out. I was pleasantly surprised! Not Bland at all. I was unnerved the whole time and it had great sound design, really kept the tension high when combined with the mysterious man. Those rats really surprised me. Never saw it coming. Great ending. Enjoyed the experience, left me smiling  -Matt B   

I loved it lol, it was great and i liked the ending too i felt so wanted :) awsome game!

This game was pretty solid. It had you thinking quick and worry about what was around the corner when it was truly NOTHING! It had you scare for nothing. The horror was ultimately in your mind. 8/10.

fun, short & surprising game about working as a janitor. 

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