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10/10, great game! I tend to overanalyze things so this was perfect. will be checking out your other work.

I love it Great game

Unexpected ending! Was a nice game to play on my birthday lol

The ending caught me so off-guard! Very interesting concept, and great build-up of suspense! :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay, it begins ~8:52 in my video!)

the good ending 

Thank you for making this game! excellent use of subversion definitely worth a playthrough.

I expected a screamer and the ending was unexpected.

Interesting game! ending Definitely threw me for a loop. I actually chose this game to relaunch my YouTube channel, my video just went live Check it out:

Played your game at 28:32. Was not expecting this game to be the way it was! Built up the tension very well, i wont spoil the ending.

check out my video.

Esperaba un susto o que me saltase un screamer o algo la verdad tiene bastante tensión XDD me gustó un par de minutitos les dejo un gameplay uwu 

I got stuck in the vents and rage quitted, but I hope u enjoy the vid still. Sub or I will turn you into a janitor

the ending got me.

nice. the ending caught me so off guard lol

great game!
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Great game, the ending caught me off guard lol! 

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This game was great, A little surprised but well executed! Suspense in all the right places.

had an absolute blast! Did not expect that ending

UNexpected ending ahahaha 

The game was so funny and suspenseful.

I absolutely Loved the game!

I loved this Game. I was not expecting the ending.
The game generates a lot of suspense. Super unexpected ending. I liked


nobody shows up to my birthdays :(


I loved the ending to this. 

This game was pretty good. The ending definitely caught me by surprise. A nice twist. The sounds and look of the game were clean. Good job. 


Creepy atmosphere, smooth gameplay, good graphics and unexpected ending. great game!

lol that was a great twist at the end 10 OUTTA 10

This was so much fun! Really quirky and enjoyable, and I loved the twist! 

Fun horror game, you managed to make something really creepy, knowing I wasn't alone just set me on edge. Good job, looking forward to your future projects.

Dear Dev 

I'd like to say you're a butthole for that ending lol

in all seriousness keep up the great work, definitely see a lot of potential with your vision in the horror space. look forward to more from you and although i'm just a smol youtuber i'll do what i can to spread the word about your work. 

much love 


I didn't expect that ending.


The spooky ambience actually was really good. And then that ending... a lovely little experience. Thanks for sharing it with us!


I didn't see that end coming!  I liked it~  Had me on edge for so much of it.


A delightful surprise

Fun short game! The ending really had me.

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