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Hey everyone,

Here is my first project for my game a week class. This weeks theme was 10 seconds or less and the way i tackled the theme was to have a timer on the sword. as soon as you pickup the sword the timer starts and once you kill an enemy it resets.

Try to kill all the enemies without letting your timer run out but also watch out for your health.

Please leave feedback and comments as i'd love to hear what you think. And also keep watching my itch page for more of my game a week projects there will be at least 9 others to come over the semester.


Left click to attack

Right click to move towards where you click

ESC to exit game


SlimeTimeGame.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Unzip Folder and play/


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Well game, but this game need more feedback, for example when i use the swort there isn't a sound, and when i am attacking a enemy there isn't feedback, only there is a particule when he die. 

Also the game need a music background

Good Work ^^

I agree with you about the feedback you can barely tell that you are hitting the enemies. And if I had more time music and sound would have been a great addition. Thank you for commenting :)