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It's a good game, I love it :D


Good little spooky game, grasped me! Didn’t realise draws could be opened tho so took me a while haha! Well done! 

it was kind of engaging, love how it looks. i don't want to spoil anything, so here's a vid at least.

I actually got pretty creeped out, but the ending confused me. I don't want to spoil anything, but does anyone have a unique interpretation of the ending?


Hey everyone, I’ve just started on a new game. make sure you follow my Twitter so you can stay up to date.


I would love to see a longer version of this, this has all the potential to be something superbly horrific!!

Had loads of fun playing this game..

Had a great time playing this game, mouse cursor was a little fast, but all in all nice :)

amazing concept, fun to play.

i had a lot of fun, i'd love to see some more of it in the future and thanks for making the game :)

Muy interesante! queremos mas!

Very interesting! We want more!

Cool I watched Markiplier playing it.

Very cool short experience.

Cool spooky game! This is my Italian gameplay 👻 

great game here is my video

I really enjoyed this short horror experience! 

Oh my what have i done? What have they done? Who am i? Idk, but i think i did good.

This was pretty good! The ending was a bit lackluster, but all the pieces are in place for a solid short horror game! Here's my playthrough:

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Went hands on with inheritance, and felt it was very solid. the ending could have been a little more tight but it could have been my approach to the finale. very impressed at the work you've done -- keep it up!

бедный человек , вот досталось ему 

Really well made little horror game. The visuals and atmospheric sounds are great. Just wish it was longer! Can't wait for a new version!

If you wanna see gameplay before downloading, you can so here:

Not bad

Love the graphics! I hope to one day create my own game with assets as detailed as this. Made a gameplay and sadly it lagged at the ending :( but i think that just had to do with the settings in my recording software.

Here's my wee video on the game 

Played the first version then saw you updated so I put that one in the video instead! Nice Improvement, sound makes all the difference. Hope you enjoy the video

Nice little game. Had fun playing it. 

Here is our playthrough:

Not bad, I had a good time.  The sounds would be the first thing I would work on.  The audio is a major part of good horror, choosing when to be silent, and when to build up the tension and such.  And hearing your own footsteps and creaks and freaks around you can really drive up those anxious feelings of what's going to happen??  I have the same suggestion for your other game Janitor's Day,  But good job :)  

This game is the first in this video 


The environment looked pretty high quality for the most part but the actual scares weren't that impressive. The way the doors just keep moving around after you "do the deed" is weird and had me just standing there waiting for them to stop. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty good for a short game.

the doors become the enemy at that point :) my fav thing to do is see how long it takes to be pushed through the world.

I thouroughly enjoyed this game. it wasn't the greatest, but still well made and creepy.

the third game is yours ENJOY!

Yo this was a awesome game I made a gameplay to it and I was actually scared...I wish it was longer but it’s great as it is now so I’m cool with it

Quite awesome! thank you for this piece of work and keep up the good work! Playtrough in polish



What’s dope is that thumbnail 


v good ty for the game :) <3

Short but sweet! Completed in full and i'll be waiting for your next projects! 

Hello there. i played your game and it was not bad. It was pretty short but it was okay

So here is my gameplay of your game and enjoy :)

It's the first game of the video

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I liked it, though the game is quite short. I like good, bite-sized games. The only thing I’d recommend is that more meat to the story be added. Games don’t have to be long, but there needs to be enough to have impact. I enjoyed what was here though. KEep up the good work!


My reaction: Wow! Looks like this is going to be a nice cute game!
The reality: uuuughhhhh.... Is this a horror game?! AHHH!

Fun game imo, let me know what you guys think of my play through.

I liked it. Short and sweet. Controls worked well. 

This game so far is good! 

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