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this game was okay it could do some work to it I also glitched through objects

fun plot twist !


a funny little game with a surprising twist 

watch my video here 

I really liked this game!  this was well made.

cool ending too! Game here: 

subscribe please!
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Comments below clip;

I've worked many odd jobs, but never as a janitor. So, this game took me to a place and work environment, I've never been in before, throughout my entire life. Did I see the end coming?

Of course not.

That's why this is such a lovely game.

Go ahead and play it, and, when possible, show the DEV some $$$ <3

A genuinely unnerving gaming with a really great ending. I really wasn't expecting it! I would defInitely recommend this game!

This game has a twist ending. i like it.

I saw that we share the same last name so I just had to check this out. I was pleasantly surprised! Not Bland at all. I was unnerved the whole time and it had great sound design, really kept the tension high when combined with the mysterious man. Those rats really surprised me. Never saw it coming. Great ending. Enjoyed the experience, left me smiling  -Matt B   

I loved it lol, it was great and i liked the ending too i felt so wanted :) awsome game!

This game was pretty solid. It had you thinking quick and worry about what was around the corner when it was truly NOTHING! It had you scare for nothing. The horror was ultimately in your mind. 8/10.

fun, short & surprising game about working as a janitor. 

please put settings for the motion blur

We loved this. Very clever. Excellent work and good humor!

:)  I Needed that ending! Thanks for making  such a cool game ! Great job

Playing on linux, left click doesn't open the door at the beginning

This was amazing!! what an amazing game. highly recommended!!! so much fun! hope you enjoy my vid xoxox

I enjoyed this game. The ending was definitely unexpected. Also, still wondering about the bubblegum…

nice game

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh it is still pretty good definitely a mystery on how gum got in the vents Lol.

enjoy guys 


Short and sweet little game, good work :)

Simple yet good for the time it took to make. Wasn't really scary but it was entertaining to play.

Short, sweet, and the perfect level of scary for me! Or, maybe creepy. I don't do well with horror, so this was nice. My brother is a 3rd shift custodian. I'll probably have him play this for his birthday in a couple months. Good job with the game!

So good!!!! 

Una piacevole sorpresa!!!


Solid gameplay, good mechanics, nice atmosphere.

As someone who enjoys psychological thrillers, and has seen a good amount of them, honestly this short experience didn't provide enough to put me on edge.

Despite that, I enjoyed it as a short game, and would encourage the creator to research ways to put players who are adept in the genre, on edge. Fear is hard to pin down sometimes, especially for shorter experiences, but I think the creator is on the right track.

That was just a Birthday but it got me (Check out the 2nd video)

Great short horror experience. The collision on boxes was a little wonky but other than that it's solid. I was really hoping that there would be a different ending if you fully completed all janitorial duties but I can't expect all too much from a game made so quickly. Here's my experience if you're interested. Thank you very much for making it! 

今天來介紹一下我的新工作【Janitors Day 看门人节】一筐小品恐怖遊戲,上班的時候同事們給了我一個又恐慌又開心的驚喜


Extremely wholesome. Loved it. 100/10

Nice game


This was very unexpected and sweet!
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I really liked the game but (Spoilers ahead) I didn't understand why there was a crazy person banging doors, and why i had to clean gum (While nobody helped) on my birthday. Other than that it was really fun, and pretty creepy.  

i wont ask about the gums on the toilet floor..

enjoyed the end :)

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